World’s Tallest Buildings: The Top 5

top 5 worlds tallest buildings

The list of the world’s tallest buildings is constantly changing as some of the world’s richest countries attempt to outdo each other with innovative new projects.

Dubai is currently in top spot, but this could all change in the next few years with big plans from China to move into pole position. By way of comparison, the UK’s tallest building the Shard is in joint 73rd place, a long way down from the lofty heights of the Globehunters top five.

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1) Burj Khalifa (Dubai, UAE) 828 m (2717 ft)

Dubai has never been a place of understatement and it’s no surprise that the emirate’s $1.5 billion, 160 story Burj Khalifa literally towers over the opposition in the top five. As yet, nothing has been able to shift the Burj Khalifa from top spot since it opened in 2010. It took six years to build and currently features the world’s highest occupied floor and the world’s highest nightclub.

The tower is the home of the The Armani hotel (designed by Giorgio himself), as well as plenty of restaurants and bars to keep visitors entertained. The view from the observation deck’s not bad either.

Dubai is now synonymous with outlandish architecture and boasts three other entries in the (ref: wikpedia) top twenty: Marina 101, Princess Tower and 23 Marina.

shanghai tower china
2) Shanghai Tower (Shanghai, China) 632m (2073ft)

It may fall slightly short in terms of height but the Shanghai Tower’s incredible structure certainly puts it in pole position in terms of innovation. The tower’s twisted shape was conceived with typhoons in mind; this specially designed shape reduces wind load by up to 24%.

The interior will be equally impressive with a hospital, theatre, shopping centre and a ‘vertical farm’ providing food for residents just a selection of its impressive features. Over 30,000 people will eventually call the 121 story Shanghai Tower home.

Expect plenty of new skyscrapers from China in the new future; nine of the top twenty tallest buildings currently being built are in China. This includes Sky City which is set to be the new number one. 

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3) Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel (Mecca, Saudi Arabia) 601m (1972ft)

Also known as The Abraj Al-Bait Towers, the Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel features the world’s tallest clock tower and the world’s biggest clock face. It bears a resemblance to London’s St Stephen’s Tower which houses Big Ben, but is topped by a silver crescent moon to represent Islam.

It features 120 floors above ground and was opened in 2012. A set of 21,000 green and white lights which are visible at an impressive distance of 18 miles flash five times a day to remind residents of prayer time.

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4) One World Trade Centre, (New York, USA) 546.2 m (1776 ft)

Scheduled to open by early 2014, One World Trade Centre stands in central Manhattan on the site of the former World Trade Tower destroyed in the 9/11 attacks.

It will include offices, restaurants and an observation deck and will be the tallest building in the Western world. Conde Nast and GSA have already reserved several stories worth of office space, each offering spectacular views across the city.

This adds to an already extensive list of tourist attractions New York has to offer.

taipei 101

5) Taipei 101 (Taipei, Taiwan) 509m tall (1670ft)

When it opened at the end of 2004 it was in number one spot, but has since been overtaken and will soon drop out of the top 5.

Also going by the fairly uninspiring moniker ‘The Taipei World Financial Centre’, Taipei 101 is comprised of 106 floors in total. Whilst occupancy of the tower itself focuses on the financial industry, there is a multi-level shopping mall in an adjoining building.

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