Universal Studios Florida's Top Five Attractions

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Since opening in 1990, Universal Studios Florida has remained one of Orlando’s most popular tourist attractions. There’s so much to do at Universal Studios it can be hard to fit it all in, especially if you’re trying to do it all in one day. However long you get to spend at Universal Studios Florida, be sure to make time for the Globehunters top five attractions:

1) The Incredible Hulk

It may date back to 1999, but The Incredible Hulk (above) can still thrill with the best of them. It uses so much power that Universal Studios was forced to build its own turbines to power it! It’s still generally considered to be the best roller coaster in Orlando along with Seaworld’s Manta, and Hulk is perfect for thrill seekers.

To begin with, the launch tunnel propels you upwards at 40 mph in just two seconds. The ride is an exciting mix of seven inversions, a 100 foot cobra roll and a top speed of 67 mph. Unlike some of the big coasters at Seaworld, there is no water involved and you’ll stay dry. Whilst it’s an undeniably popular ride, queues don’t normally exceed 45 minutes tops. As is the case with most roller coasters, expect to wait longer to ride at the very front.

Suitable for: Anyone that enjoys roller coasters – Hulk is more fun than it is scary.

2) Transformers: The Ride 3D

Transformers: The Ride 3D is the latest in a line of impressive 3-D attractions at Universal Studios Florida and is already a huge hit. Riders are NEST recruits sitting in a giant Autobot ready to help Optimus Prime to defend the AllSpark (basically the Transformer afterlife).

Transformers blends flight simulation technology and 3D HD media to create impressive battle scenes; there’s even 60mph speeds and a drop or two to keep riders on the edge of their seats. It only opened in July this year so there may be lengthy queues in busy periods.

Suitable for: Adults and kids of all ages.

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The entrance to Revenge of the Mummy
3) Revenge of the Mummy

Darkness, swarms of insects and a revenge-seeking mummy make this one of Universal Studios Florida’s best-loved rides. The ride reaches speeds of up to 40mph and careers along in near darkness throughout. As well as the insects (watch out for the scarab beetles), there’s an army of mummies that come lurching out of the darkness.

Found within the ‘Museum of Antiquities’, the Revenge of the Mummy opened at Universal Studios Florida back in 2004, so the queues should be manageable outside of peak times.

Suitable for: Teens and adults – it may be a bit too dark and scary for kids.

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Universal Studios' version of Hogwarts
4) Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

You don’t have to be a Harry Potter fan to enjoy The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, in particular its centrepiece ride, The Forbidden Journey. It incorporates the all the main characters you’d expect to see and plenty of opponents to overcome in a series of enthralling situations. 

Despite only lasting around five minutes, the ride includes ten different scenes in and around Hogwart’s castle. Lines are usually longer in the mornings, so unless you’re desperate to ride The Forbidden Journey first thing it may be better to leave it till later in the day.

Suitable for: Harry Potter fans, or even those yet to be converted. Those afraid of the dark (or spiders) might want to shut their eyes.

5) ET Movie Adventure

It may have celebrated its 23rd birthday recently but ET adventure is still a firm family favourite at Universal Studios Florida. The Hollywood and Japan versions may have shut but in Florida the ET Movie Adventure it’s still going strong.

The introduction to the ride was changed by Steven Spielberg in 2004 but the ride is still true to its original, classic formula. Each seat is a bicycle that follows behind ET who sits in middle of the front row. The bikes fly over the city and into outer space before eventually arriving at the Green Planet. Kids will love the personalised ‘thank you’ from ET at the end – don’t forget to give your names to the ‘travel agents’ that are part of the ride at the beginning.

Suitable for: Anyone and everyone

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