Worth-Mentioning Museums in Auckland

Auckland, the largest urban area in New Zealand lures large number tourists with its mesmerizing attractions. Several people Auckland Flights with globehunters especially to visit its museums. Following are the most visited museums in the city:

Auckland Art Gallery 

Art lovers visiting the city never miss out on admiring the collection of Auckland Art Gallery. This is the prime public gallery in the city. It is widely known for its traveling international exhibitions. Originally, the museum was famous for its European old master paintings however, with the time the collection has added to 15,000 artworks from numerous artists belong to different regions and era. Works of British artists such as Christopher Wood, Phelan Gibb, Frances Hodgkins and Alfred Wallis is displayed in the gallery. Other popular art works exhibited in the gallery are created by notable artists such as della Bella, Callot and Hollar.

Auckland War Memorial Museum 

History lovers cheap flights to Auckland from London must visit this museum to peep into the rich past of New Zealand. Apart from the history of the region, you would also come to know about military history and natural history of the country. The collection consists of artefacts and treasures belong to Maori people. Few significant highlights in the museum areHotunui, example of one of the three large buildings, Te Toki a Tapiri, war canoe from 1830s and a large carved meeting house.

Gus Fisher Gallery 

This is another worth visiting site for art lovers. The gallery is a part of NICAI (national Institute of Creative Arts and Industries). It has three main facilities namely The University of Auckland Art Collection, Centre for Art Research and Kenneth Myers Centre. Art collection is considered as the most important asset. It features art works of notable artists such as Colin McCohan, Ralph Hotere and Billy Apple.

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