Food Courts to Dine at in Bangkok

Bangkok, the entertainment capital of Southeast Asia is known for its extravagant ambience. Besides, world class entertainment options, the city is also known for its cuisine. To try some of the best Thai food items consider visiting the food courts. Book flights to Bangkok and visit the following food courts to try variety of Thai as well as international food items:

Siam Paragon Food Hall 

Undoubtedly, Siam Paragon is the best shopping mall in Bangkok. Some of the travel experts call it the ‘Pride of Bangkok.’ Food hall in the mall located on the ground floor and covers around half of the area. It has three divisions namely Food Hall Take Home, Food Hall Food Court and Food Hall Gallery. No matter which division you’re at, you can choose from wide array of Thai and international food items.

Terminal 21 Food Court 

The food court is known as Pier 21. It is among the cleanest in the entire city hence, always remains in the top priorities of people booking Bangkok flights. The food court is strategically located on the fifth floor and serves Indian, Chinese and western cuisine in addition to delicious Thai food. Pier 21 is one of the largest food courts in the city. You can choose from numerous vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items. Most popular dessert in the food court is khao nee-ow ma mueng which literally means mango with sticky rice.

MBK Food Court 

There are two courts in MBK at fifth and sixth floors. Food court on the fifth floor is known as Fifth Food Avenue. Open kitchens is the main highlight and the menu consists of Italian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Vietnamese food items. MBK Food Centre is located on the sixth floor and is known for its cheaper food options. Kou Asian, the dining room is an apt alternative for vegans.

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