6 Strange Things to do in Dubai

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Each year Dubai continues to grow as a major tourist destination, bringing tourists from around the world to the Middle East. As well as the virtually guaranteed sunshine, there are some quirky places to visit and unexpected experiences to enjoy in amongst the towering skyscrapers. Here are six out of the ordinary things to do in Dubai that will make your holiday truly memorable.

Go Skiing

Snow-covered pistes are likely to be far from you mind on holiday in the Middle East but if you fancy practising you skiing you’re in luck. Always a city in which the out of the ordinary is possible, one of Dubai’s most famous shopping centres - the Dubai Mall - has its own indoor ski slope tucked away in amongst the plethora of shops. At 3,000 m2, it’s the largest indoor ski resort in the world. The slope isn’t too challenging so kids can give it a try too, and if skiing’s not your thing, there are snowboards and toboggans available.

Stay in Unique Accommodation

Dubai is at the forefront of pioneering architecture and has some of the most imaginative hotels on Earth. Atlantis the Palm’s under water suites let guests look out into the Ambassadors Lagoon and see more than 65,000 species of marine life. Plus, you get a dedicated butler at your service 24/7.

At the other end of the height spectrum are the 69th and 70th floors of the JW Marriott Marquis hotel. At 300 metres up, the hotels’ Presidential Suites afford panoramic views over Dubai and are the highest hotel rooms in the world.

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The under water suites at Atlantis the Palm

Tour the World in one Evening

Dubai can be an expensive place, so if you can’t afford a trip to any other countries for a while you can at least experience a taste of them at The Global Village. The village brings together food, music and goods from 65 countries around the world. One Middle Eastern trait that applies to all the multinational stalls in The Globe Village is definitely haggling – be prepared to drive down a bargain. The Global Village typically stays open from October through to March.

Rent a Supercar

Dubai is known for its no holds barred driving approach to driving so it’s no surprise that Dubai takes car rental to adventurous new levels. For those looking for a speedier alternative to run-of-the-mill motors, VIP Luxury Dubai boasts an impressive garage of cars including the Lamborghini Gallardo, a Ferrari 458 Italia Spyder and a Porsche Panamera Turbo. If that’s not your style, there’s always a Rolls Royce Ghost to cruise along the Jumeira Beach Road.

dubai strange things to do
The Lamborghini Gallardo: not your average hire car

Try a Camel Burger

Camels are not actually as prominent in Dubai as many people think, but they are common enough that camel burgers are served in a handful of Dubai restaurants. The Local House restaurant in the traditional Bastakiya district in Bur Dubai serves quarter pounder camel burgers for 20 UAE Dirhams; a Middle Eastern twist on an American classic. The restaurant also offers a camel Biriyani curry and camel-milk milkshakes.

Eat by the Metre

If camel meat isn’t your thing, how about ordering in measurements for a different dining experience? Pizza by the Metre’s name says it all: a selection of finely crafted, authentic Italian pizzas served either in metres, half or quarter metres.

STAY at One & Only The Palm serves dessert in a similar format. The ‘dessert library’ at the Yannick Alleno-owned restaurant givers diners the chance to try complimentary samples of some of the finest sweet-treats around. Guests can then choose from traditional plated desserts or the mammoth dessert platter. This is served either by the metre or half-metre, for those that really want to indulge their sweet tooth.

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