Planning a Holiday Around the Weather in Orlando

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The weather in Orlando can vary throughout the year, but Orlando has plenty to offer whenever you choose to visit. The busy summer months are the hottest and wettest, whilst the winters are mild with little rainfall. With the Disney Parks open all year round and cheap flights to Orlando always available, Orlando is a great holiday destination at any time of year. The weather in Orlando remains pleasant enough during the winter and holidaymakers that are flexible on travel dates can enjoy the theme parks without the crowds.

In summer, the weather in Orlando is hot and often humid. From May to September temperatures of around 32°C are common during the day, with temperatures never dropping below the mid-20s, even at night. There is also a high chance of thunderstorms and heavy rain in the afternoons and it’s no coincidence that the theme parks provide plastic ponchos to keep guests as dry as possible. These cloudbursts are common and it’s a good idea to have an indoor activity planned as an alternative in the afternoon. Throughout the summer it’s a smart idea to pack plastic bags inside backpacks to wrap any wet clothes in. At this time of year, many people in the know choose to arrive early at Orlando’s theme parks to miss the crowds; this also gives you the opportunity to see as much as possible in the drier, cooler mornings.

If you’re flexible with your travel plans and can travel outside of the summer holidays, October and November are a great time to visit Orlando’s theme parks. There is a small peak in numbers in early November due to a US school holiday, but the big summer crowds have gone, meaning more manageable queues for the bigger rides. The temperatures are pleasant (usually from 25 - 14°C) and rainfall is lower than in summer. There are lots of special events to enjoy during October in the build-up to Halloween, the time when Orlando’s theme parks really pull out all the stops to draw in the crowds.

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December to February may be the coolest period of the year but Orlando’s weather is still far milder than a UK winter with temperatures rarely falling below 10 °C. There is also a lack of rainfall at this time of year so it’s still possible to enjoy Orlando in comfortable conditions. Park crowds are particularly low in early December before the festive period begins. Although Orlando’s theme parks remain open all year round, some such as Legoland Florida will be closed on certain days in this off-peak season. The Disney parks remain open even over Christmas, with the exception of Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park which is closed from December 22nd to March 15th.

The weather in Orlando starts hotting-up in March and April and the crowds start arriving for Spring Break and Mardi Gras at Universal Studios Florida. Spring temperatures range from 12°C up to around 25°C. The water rides start getting more popular again, with the weather more conducive to drying off afterwards than they are in winter.

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Let us know if you’ve visited Orlando and how you found it. What time of year would you recommend? 

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