What’s there in Bangkok for Budget Travelers

Bangkok is nothing less than a paradise for people traveling on budget. You can easily find quality hotels at affordable price. If you are booking cheap Bangkok flights, you can enjoy variety of free attractions.

One of the best free attractions in the city is Lumpini Park. This is one of the most serene areas in the city. The large green area is like an oasis amidst contemporary skyscrapers. In other words, this is the place where you can experience a magnificent blend of beautiful natural surroundings and awe-aspiring architecture. While roaming around Lumpini Park, you can enjoy free classical and jazz performances and participate in activities such as fencing, yoga, ballroom dancing, cycling and jogging.

Are you fond of arts? If yes, the Artist’s House in the city is another free attraction that you should be visiting. Baan Silapan is its colloquial name. The interiors of the 200 years old are completely different from the vibrant streak of Bangkok’s lifestyle. Chumpol Akkapantanon owns the house which features human sized statues painted in red, white and black colors. People booking Bangkok flights with kids should visit the house on Wednesdays to enjoy a traditional puppet show.

Flower Market should always be a part of the itinerary of budget travelers. It is located in the Old Town and opens 24 hours a day. If you are avoiding the market because of the chaotic environment, the refreshing aromas give you a reason to take a walk through the market. Best time to visit the market is 4 am when number of trucks full of flowers make their way to the market.

Bangkok is also famous for its spiritual richness. At Wat Mahathat, you can join Meditation Course for free. During the course, you can stay in the temple and take a closer look at the simple lifestyle of the monks.

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