What there for Shopaholics in New York

Shopping in New York has become one of the most prominent activities. While holidaying in the Big Apple, you can shop around in some of the best arenas in the world. One such shopping arena is Saks 5th Avenue. Since its inception in 1924, it is one of the most preferred shopping areas among those booking flights to New York.

The area is famous for its elegance, style and grace. Its USP is extensive collection of items from Europe and America. It has ten floors with stores offering variety of stuff for every budget. In case, you are looking for a particular store or a product, get in touch with the Information Booth at 50thstreet side. Visit Café SFA at 8th floor to grab a quick meal. Most prominent stores at Saks 5th Avenue are Gucci, Chanel and Louis Vitton.

Another popular shopping spot in NY is SoHo. Shopping in the city cannot be defined without SoHo. The area is not only popular for its designer boutiques but also for its art galleries. Most notable designer boutique is Dash New York which is owned by Kardashians. Upper class accessories can be obtained from classy stores of H & M, Swatch and Versani. SoHo is not only for riches. Budget travelers Book New York flights can check low priced yet high quality store Uniqlo. Most of the items at this store are under $100.

To keep up with the latest fashion trends, visiting Barneys is a must. This is the place where you would come across number of department stores dealing in latest handbags, jewelry items, stilettos and fur items. Other items you can choose from are tableware, cosmetics, shoes and fragrances.

The city of New York has so much to offer for ardent shoppers. World class malls and low priced stores make an incredible contrast for shopaholics booking flights to New York from around the world.

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