Rooftop Bars to Add Luxury to Your Bangkok Holiday

Bangkok is land of contrasts. It is known as the best place for budget travelers. But at the same time, it is one of the best destinations in Southeast Asia to enjoy a luxurious holiday. The city is home to number of rooftop bars with world class amenities that entice numerous luxury travelers from around the world.

If you are booking flights to Bangkok and wants to experience the unmatched luxury, consider spending your evenings at Sky Bar Rooftop at Lebua State Towers. It is considered as the best place to capture a 360 degrees view of the city. Lebua Towers have 63 storeys and top of it you’d find this bar. Besides regular cocktails, beers and wines their menu consists of several original cocktails. Take your signature drink and stand at the edge of the bar and admire the fantasizing view of Bangkok skyline.

360 Rooftop Bar should be the next in the list of best rooftop bars in the city. It is strategically located at Millennium Hilton. Although, it is situated on the top of 31st floor but still it offers a better view than several other high-priced roof top bars in the city. While sitting in the riverside bar you get an opportunity to admire the awe-aspiring view of the city.

Those booking Book cheap Bangkok flights especially to enjoy a luxurious evening must keep Red Sky in consideration. This magnificent rooftop bar is located at the top of Centara Grand and is among the newest ones in the city. At 55th floor, it is one of the most convenient places to take a glance at the top view of the vibrant city. Apart from captivating views, the rooftop bar is also famous among romantic couples to enjoy spectacular sunsets.


  1. I enjoyed staying by this post and reading about Thai rooftop bars. I am huge lover of night parties in bars and clubs. I am excited to go to a Thai bar.