Orlando Dance Clubs for Party Animals

Orlando is all about fun and entertainment. The day is dedicated to theme parks and family entertainment. As the sun sets, party animals head to the wild discotheques to drinks and dance till wee hours. Following are some of the most prominent dance clubs to visit, if you are booking cheap flights to Orlando.


It is one of the best nightclubs in the downtown area. Located on Church Street, the club is known for playing hip hop and popular numbers of 80s. However, its main highlight is the reggae nights that allow you to add a Caribbean tinge to your visit. Large dance floor witnesses some jaw dropping moves by the dancers. Ladies can drink as much as they can on Saturdays. Guys and girls need to be 21+ and 18+ respectively to enter into the club.

Club Firestone 

If you want to dance on the live tunes, Club Firestone needs to be your choice. The building in which the club is located was a tire warehouse. It has a large hall with capacity of over 1500 guests where several concerts take place all through the year. That’s why the club is also known as Firestone Live. Besides hall, it has three rooms, a VIP lounge and a patio. When there is no concert, DJ shows his skills and gives an opportunity to the guests to shake their legs on groovy music.

Club 23 

Party animals craving to be a part of sophisticated luxury ambience must spend their evening at Club 23 located in the downtown area.If you are booking cheap Orlando flights and want to experience the class, visit this small yet exclusive lounge where imported wines and cocktails are on the bar menu and techno music mixed with hip hop beats keeps the dance lovers on the floor. On Wednesdays, ladies get free drinks till midnight. Remember, shorts and hats are not allowed.

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