Few Must Visit Bars in Sydney

Sydney, a prominent destination is Australia features remarkable historical, architectural and cultural attractions. Youngsters book If you want to add thrill of ping-pong to your clubbing experience book cheap flights to Sydney especially to be a part of dazzling nightlife of the city. If you too want to experience the vividness, consider spending your evenings at the following bars:


If you are visiting the financial district, relax yourself at this Italian wine bar and eatery which is strategically located at Chifley Square. The list of cocktails mainly consists of fruit-based drinks. One of the most popular cocktails served at Bacco is L'Arrogante. It is a unusual blend of tequila, fresh grapefruit juice and sweet vermouth. Other worth-trying cocktails are Presidente Cocktail and Forbidden Jack. Wine menu comprises of world’s best wines and are served with complimentary nibbles. You can order authentic pasta or a plate of bruschetta along with drinks to savor your taste buds.

Doctor Pong 

Doctor Pong is among the best small bars in the city. If you want to add thrill of ping-pong to your clubbing experience book cheap Sydney flights and visit Doctor Pong bar. It is quite different from other bars in the city. The most discerning aspect is a ping pong table located in the center of the facility. Loud music, thrilling games and variety of cocktails and wines create an urge in party lovers to visit Doctor Pong again and again.

Black Bar 

The bar is as enchanting as its name. Its elegance lies in its classy d├ęcor which is inspired from the styles of 1920s. While going through their menu, you would come across drinks that are majorly based on in-house ingredients blended with seasonal twist. One such drink is Vieux Carremade from sweet vermouth, Cognac, Angostura bitters, Benedictine and mixture of rye.

Grandma’s Bar 

If you think, the bar serves only seniors, just visit once and you would be able to find a completely different perspective.The bar is located underneath a guitar shop and it has no signage. In other words, this bar is known to only hardcore clubbing enthusiasts. It was opened in 2011 and in a span of two years, it has become one of the top rated bars in the city.

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