Bangkok Chinatown Represents Another Facet Of The City

Chinatown in Bangkok discerns it from its typical impression of city with extravagant nightlife. If you want to have delicious food or enjoy your time at Chinese temples, visit the Chinatown. While strolling around, you would come across street side restaurants, market stalls and number of gold shops. Book flights to Bangkok to visit the following sites in Chinatown:

Yaowarat Street

Food lovers should start their excursion in Chinatown from this street. Restaurants and vendors at this street are known for serving Thai-Chinese dishes. There are numerous sophisticated restaurants located along the street however, if you are looking to experience the local culture, consider trying stuff being sold by the street vendors. You can choose from a plate of dim sum, noodles, fried oyster omelet, fresh shrimp or crab.


Enlighten your spiritual soul at this temple which is known for its Gold Buddha which is the largest in the world. It is one of the most visited temples in Chinatown. From the Wat, you can capture the beautiful view of the ornate Chinatown Gate.

Shopping in Chinatown

Millions of tourists book cheap flights to Bangkok with Globehunters especially to enjoy shopping. You can buy trendy clothes and latest gadgets from the world class malls but Chinatown is famous for gold. There are numerous gold shops in the area. Best ones can be found at Yaowarat Road. Sampeng Lane is another popular shopping area in the region. While walking through the narrow lane, you can get great stuff at reasonable price provided you know the art of bargain.

Dine at the Revolving Restaurant

While dining at the Grand China Princess Revolving Restaurant, you can admire the panoramic 360 degrees view of Chinatown. Their menu consists of Chinese, Japanese and European dishes in addition to traditional Thai cuisine.


It is a prominent cultural attraction in the Chinatown. It was established in 1933 making it the oldest theatre in the entire country. The brass fitting are still preserved that were installed 80 years ago. Sepia photos and red velvet cushions are the main highlight of the d├ęcor of the theatre. Live performances take place on Thursday and Friday.

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