Outdoor Activities Reflects Another Image of Las Vegas

Las Vegas has gained rapport as a hub of wild nightclubs, high rise hotels and world class restaurants. However, the entertainment capital of the world is not only about splendid nightlife. If you are booking Las Vegas flights, you can be part of plethora of outdoor activities. To add thrill, fun and excitement to your visit, following activities should be considered.


At Fremont Street Experience, you can feel the fun of zip-lining. But if you are looking for more thrilling experience, visit the desert terrain of Bootleg Canyon. The canyon is located near Boulder City. After getting strapped up, get ready to feel the adventure of 50 mph downhill while cross a series of zip lines. Remember, you need to make a reservation beforehand.


Cycling lovers booking flights to Las Vegas, would not get better option than Red Rock Canyon to ride their cycles. The arrant beauty of the canyon would add an incredible experience to your cycling experience. While cycling through the natural conservation area, you would come across seasonal waterfall oases and sandstone bluffs. You can want to enjoy a group cycling; you can sign up with any of the guided cycling tours.


Yes, kayaking is possible in the desert area. Colorado River is the venue. The river flows through the Grand Canyon. The river is just a drive away from the Strip. While enjoying kayaking, you can go as deep as to see the gigantic electricity generators. There are several local operators that offer kayaking tours.

Desert Racing

While driving to Las Vegas, you would find massive sand dunes. You might find them unappealing. However, if you are an adventure seeker, you know the thrill of racing in the desert. You can enjoy a ride in dune buggy while crossing the sand dunes. Participate in 30-minute race to get a unique feel of driving in desert.

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