Best Poker Casinos in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world is known for its world class casinos. Poker lovers book Las Vegas flights to visit the following poker casinos:

The Bellagio

Undoubtedly, Bellagio is the best hotel and casino in Las Vegas. No information about the city is incomplete about this hotel. The casino features wide array of games ranging from slots, race and sports book, table games and of course, poker. Be a part of the World Poker Tour to experience the thrill of the game. Besides poker hold’em also lures people booking flights to Las Vegas.

The Mirage

Another popular poker casino in the glittering city is located in world-renowned hotel The Mirage. At the casino, you can try your luck at variety of games with different limits. Besides poker, Omaha is another popular game which creates an urge in those looking for high stakes. While playing poker at the Mirage, palm trees and water adds an exotic feel to your experience. Another highlight of the magnificent d├ęcor of the hotel is an artificial volcano.


Caesars is the place which is better known for its automatic shufflers and free drinks. But these are not the only things that allure people from around the world. Its poker variations are another thing that should be there on the list of gamblers booking Book Las Vegas flights from London. The luxury casino is also famous for its chic car showroom, a nightclub and couple of free fountain shows. The spectacular casino has been featured in several movies.

MGM Grand

The casino in MGM Grand features one of the largest poker rooms in the entire city. If you want to plant no limit hold’em, this is the place. In MGM Grand it is known as Kill Blind. Apart from poker, you can also try your luck at the slot machines where denominations range from one cent to $1000. Race and Sports book in the casino spans over 5300 square foot betting area.

Poker lovers booking flights to Las Vegas have numerous options to choose from. No matter which casino they are visiting, enthralling experience is guaranteed.

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